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Dear Parents,

As we approach the end of the first nine weeks, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have given both to your child and to the school. We have great teachers who have spent time planning and creating classroom activities to engage our students in learning. We are expecting great results from all of our students on the first nine weeks’ assessments. I am delighted with the events we have planned for our students to celebrate their success!

It is a privilege to be part of a community where parents, teachers, and students care for each other and strive to build positive relationships that support academic and social growth. I know that the learning will continue throughout the school year and that you will encourage your child to do their best each and every day.


With Carver Pride, 

Daisey Hawkins, Principal


VISION: Working together to provide students with the skills necessary to become productive citizens in the 21st century. 

MISSION: Carver Elementary will establish a community of learners through relationships, relevance, and rigor one student at a time. 


  • Increase the growth of the school by growing 70% of the students
  • Build positive relationships with teachers, parents, and students
  • Develop and build teacher capacity 


Carver Elementary School

Daisey Hawkins, Principal -

Sonia Bolden, Assistant Principal -

Airmecia Mills, Academic Coach -

Diann GIlson, Secretary -

Fetima Brown, Secretary -

Lamisha Johnson, Counselor -


School Events
•  Breast Cancer Awareness Week