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2018 Comprehensive Needs Assessment Survey

Sunflower County Consolidated School District


Please take a minute to take theComprrehensive Needs Assessment Survey. 

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3rd Grade Reading Assessment - 2018 → Click here for pdf.file





Carver Parents,

Happy New Year! May God bless each and every one of you with good health, love and prosperity. We are grateful for a promising first semester in 2017 and praying for continued grace and blessings in 2018.

We have received our results of our first semester exams. I am pleased to say that most of our students showed growth. Our goal is for all students to show significant growth. This means that there is plenty of work to be done in the next 90 days. I am asking each of you to help us by making the instructional time that your child has at school a priority. Instructional time as a priority means that your child leaves school only for emergencies and unavoidable doctor appointments.

We want to be held accountable for ensuring growth, but students must be present to grow. It’s like basketball, if you are absent from practice and continuously arrive late, you will not be ready on game day. The final game day for our students is high school graduation. Will they be prepared to leave home to pursue their dreams? Your child’s success at Carver is the first of many steps on the road to becoming an economically stable, happy and successful adult. Please work with us by ensuring that your child arrives at school on time and by avoiding early dismissal whenever possible. We do understand that there are life events that are unavoidable and your child must leave early. When this is necessary, send a note or make a phone call to let us know to have your child available in the office.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to parents and students in Mrs. Bolden’s class. Her students showed the highest growth in math and language arts in the District! Our goal is to see the results in all classes and for Carver to move from a “D” to a “B” school with our sights on an “A”. With your help we can do it! Congratulations Room N12.



Thelma Green, Principal 



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Student - My”yonna Minor

Student: My'yonna Minor - My”yonna is a very hardworking and dedicated student. She takes charge and steps up when on one else will.

Trina Wright

Parent: Trina Wright - Ms. Wright is a very concerned parent. She makes sure her child is well prepared for class. Mrs. Wright calls and texts to check on her child on a weekly basis.

Nicole Moore

Teacher: Nicole Moore is a 4th grade self-contained teacher. I believe that all children can learn no matter the circumstances. If you reach out and show a child that you care, they will give you their all and more. I make sure that all 23 of my students feel loved, and in return, they give me all they have, and that is enough for me.