The word for the month of January is Responsibility. 


Quote : “Every person who has changed the world has taken responsibility for something that mattered not just to them, but to mankind.” – Mike Stutman

Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Life

  • Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
  • Stop blaming
  • Stop complaining
  • Refuse to take anything personal
  • Make yourself happy
  • Live in the present moment
  • Use the power of intention
  • Feel calm and confident
  • Look for the good in people

Carver Elementary  Uniform Information 23-24

Red Polo-Style Shirts
Khaki or navy bottoms
Daily masks

Carver Elementary School Supply List


Our Vision

Carver Elementary School will seek to improve students’ individual performances at least two proficiency levels by the year 2022 on state assessments.

Motto: “Big journeys begin with small steps.” ~Author unknown

News Posts

Board Meeting
Board Meeting Schedule

Sat Jul 22 07:13 PM

T-Mobile 10 Million Project: Working To Connect Every Student

Helping ensure home internet access is not a barrier to a child’s education.

Wed May 12 11:49 AM

District Report Cards
SCCSD District Report Cards

SCCSD District Report AY2020 SCCSD District Report AY2020 SCCSD District Report AY2020

Tue Jan 12 02:30 PM