Walking in a Bookish Wonderland: A December Reading Challenge for Kids

As the year’s end rolls in and holiday excitement takes over, there’s no better feeling than taking some time out and getting cozy with a book. While out for the Christmas Break, take the opportunity to celebrate your year in reading. Enjoy these challenge ideas while you get ready for a brand-new year filled with reading.

                     Read a book about a winter sport.

                     Ask a Librarian: Visit the local library and ask a librarian, “What are some of your favorite books published this year for readers my age?” Then check one out!

                     Read a book about a holiday you don’t celebrate at home.

                     Celebrate National Short Story Day, December 21, by exploring an anthology or collection of short stories and using it as inspiration to write your own short story.

                     Try reading a book aloud to the tune of your favorite winter song, such as “Jingle Bells” or “Winter Wonderland.”

                     Think ahead: What’s something you want to learn more about in the New Year? Read a book on that topic to get a jump start!

                     Read a book while wrapped in a favorite blanket. Add a cup of hot cocoa if you’d like.

                     Think about all the books you’ve read this year and choose your favorite. Flip through it one more time and ask yourself, “What made it feel special?”

                     Read a book by an author who has a first or last name that starts with the same letter as yours.

                     Gather up old books you no longer read and donate them to those in need.

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